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Principal's Message

Welcome to the 2023-2024 School Year!

Dear Parents/Guardians,

“Team Work Makes the Dream Work!”

Welcome to the 2023-24 school year Eagle Families!!   I hope you all have had a wonderful summer vacation filled with great family fun!  We are happy to welcome new and returning families into the Virginia Road community.  It takes teamwork between school and home to ensure all our Eagle Scholars are ready for the world.  School and home share the responsibility of educating our children. Your active involvement and participation in your child’s education is very important to having a successful school year with.  I’m excited to start a new year as a team, working together to provide a high-quality education and support for all of our children. Our students will be “Ready for the World” Strategic Plan Link. Read our Strategic Plan at achieve.lausd.net/strategicplan. 

LAUSD 2022-2026 Strategic Plan:

In LAUSD, our Core Beliefs are Equity, Collaboration, and Excellence with an overarching view that addresses our 4 district goals around Post-Secondary, Literacy, Numeracy, and Social-Emotional/Wellness.  We are dedicated to ensuring that we provide such support to optimize teaching and student learning outcomes. We will continue to work towards accomplishing the 4 District Goals through the effective implementation of our theory of action and our five pillars which include:

  1. Academic Excellence
  2. Joy and Wellness
  3. Engagement and Collaboration  
  4. Operational Effectiveness
  5. Investing in Staff

Our Work: 

  • Rigorous and responsive academic programs to achieve excellence for all
  • Safe and healthy environments to promote joy and wellness
  • Authentic engagement to leverage the power of our families, communities, and educational partners
  • Innovative operations to ensure lasting organizational success
  • Development and uplifting of talented staff to serve all students

Office Hours: 

Our main office is open from 7:30 a.m. until  4:00 p.m. Please call the office if you have any questions at 323-735-0570. You can also reach me at [email protected]

We are now on social media-
Follow us on Instagram @virginiaroad , Twitter @VirginiaRoadEl , and Facebook https://www.facebook.com/virginiaroadelementaryschool


Thank you in advance for your support.  We look forward to partnering with you in providing our Eagle Scholars with the best education and school experience!  Here’s to an awesome year!


Evelyn Samos, Principal

Virginia Road Vision

Virginia Road Eagles are a collaborative learning community of students, parents, and educators that value personalized learning. We create environments to support a learner agency in all students and stakeholders. As an inclusion school, we celebrate the diversity of our students and our community. We support teachers in exploring curricular content that is interdisciplinary and provides authentic, real-world application. We are committed to designing and delivering learner-driven opportunities for school leaders, teachers, students, parents, and community members to equip our school community with 21st century skills and prepare ourselves as global citizens.


School Focus Areas:

This year we will continue with the exciting work that is already in progress at Virginia Road:

Math: Cognitively Guided Instruction approach in Mathematics- Warm-ups, Three Phase Lesson Structure using real world problems, and Math Practices. 

Science and Technology: A STEAM approach to teaching science.  As a one-to-one technology school, each student will have their own device to use technology as a tool for learning, and teachers will be able to plan more personalized learning for students. Digital tools allow for the development of the necessary 21st century skills of collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, and communication.  

ELA: Foundational Skills and Small Group Instruction, Making Meaning lessons that engage students in a deeper understanding of content knowledge through close reading, writing to sources, and text analysis, regular progress monitoring, shared reading/ interactive read aloud, and explicit writing instruction with mentor texts/ rubrics

Social Emotional Learning: Second Step/ Sanford Harmony and Restorative Justice

Data and Assessment: Regularly analyze data and progress monitoring, student work, and visible learning to inform our progress and improve collective actions.